Job seekers

“At Pursuit we value relationship building with our candidates. We take the time to get to know each individual–learning your job preferences, goals, and hopes. We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent with candidates about their prospects and our ability to place them; we make sure that you know how things are progressing so that you are never left hanging. We are another set of eyes on your job search.” - Rick Ferretti



We want to get to know you! You will be invited to an in-house interview with one of our top notch recruiters whose goal is to understand your career goals and what you are looking for in your next position.


job matching

Our team goes to work, looking at all of the factors that contribute to making the perfect match for a job placement. Once we have found a position that we think would suit you best, we contact you: we want to give you the chance to look at the position, ask questions, and make sure it’s a good match. If everything looks good, we submit you to the company for an interview.


interview prep

We want you to succeed! We go the extra mile to make sure that you feel confident going into the interview. We offer training and interview preparation, and we always follow up with our candidates to see how it went. We are on your team!